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Theocracy - Mirror Of Souls

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Album: Mirror of Souls
Label: Ulterium Records
Reviewer: Stephen M

When Brandon asked me to review Theocracy I was sceptical, and for good reason too. Theocracy is a band in a genre I have yet to discover. Epic, melodic Power Metal with occasional progressive flourishes is what Theocracy is classified as. I have never really listened to any metal bands before, like Dragonforce, which I am told are similar, so this “metal” sound is new to me and in some ways redefines it for me. Normally what I call progressive metal music sounds like Becoming The Archetype. These guys sound a bit like them as far as the metal guitar sounds – but there is no screaming. Lots of this CD consists of soft, easy-listening vocals which is a great change in a genre like this. Like I said, this is a genre I am not very familiar with but as I review and listen to it, it is growing on me.

After listening to this album through the third and fourth time I was really grooving and enjoying the combination of the metal guitar with the vocals. There are catchy parts in songs throughout this album that will have you finding yourself singing along with them. The start of “On Eagles’ Wing” starts off quick, with a catchy guitar riff that flows perfectly with the drums until the chorus, and then you are serenaded by the lyrics of the chorus. This is one of my favourite songs on the album – it has melodic guitaring, precise drumming and dulcet vocals that combine together for a unique sound. Theocracy blends into this CD a good variety of sound with the wide range of style. There are songs that will have you want to head bang and some songs that will have you relaxed as you will take the lyrics to heart.

Speaking of their lyrics, they are powerful and purposeful. Theocracy’s lyrics are one of the most spiritually based I have seen on an album. Their lyrics are one of the reasons why I enjoy this CD so much; they resonate and encourage me to be more for God. “O Bethlehem, your star burns bright tonight. For my eyes have seen the glory of salvation’s holy light. Has this little child come to redeem us all? To save us from the fall. Redemption is in sight. Behold, the Son shines bright. Under Bethlehem’s star tonight.” As I listen and read these words it reminds me of the night Jesus came into this world and changed my life and yours forever.

Theocracy as of January 26th acquired a new lead guitarist and will be taking over the guitar duties along with Jon allowing Matt to step fully into the vocalist role. This will change how the music sounds a lot. There will be more depth, new riffs and more sound. I am excited to hear about that as they plan on doing a US tour. I encourage you all to check out these guys!

1. A Tower Of Ashes (4:44)
2. On Eagles’ Wings (4:11) [Free Download]
3. Laying The Demon To Rest (9:37)
4. Bethlehem (5:51)
5. Absolution Day (6:46)
6. The Writing In The Sand (6:43)
7. Martyr (7:39)
8. Mirror Of Souls (22:26)