Album Review :
The Rose McCoy - I Won't Go Quietly

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Band: The Rose McCoy
Title: I Won’t Go Quietly
Label: Wounded Records
Release Date: 5/2/2009
Reviewer: JoshIVM


  1. The Weather Outside Is Weather
  2. Foundations
  3. I Won’t Go Quietly
  4. This World Has Not Known You, But I Have Known You
  5. Your Eyes Almost Told The Truth
  6. Inside The White Lines

The Rose McCoy formed nearly two years ago in southern Illinois and apparently it didn’t take long for Wounded Records to get wind of them. The band was signed to the label last November after only existing for a year. I Won’t Go Quietly is the band’s label debut and its first exposure on the national scene.

TRM plays rock in the vein of many fan favorites including Anberlin, Ivoryline, and others. At various points on the album they sound very similar to Emery. Now before you jump to conclusions I’m not passing the band off as a copycat, but at times they sound too similar to others. A good example would be the track “This World Has Not Known You, But I Have Known You”, especially around the 2 minute mark where it almost sounds like an Emery demo.  However, the band is young and it takes time to fully come into your own sound. I have no doubt that TRM is capable of doing so. Of course with any small label and any young band there are flaws. I mentioned similarity being one. Secondly,  the production is not as good as it could be, but that is to be expected with small labels. I think with a better production budget the band could really generate a good following.

Musically they are pretty tight. They’ve crafted upbeat, melodic, and at times quite heavy, rock. The opener “The Weather Outside Is Weather” has a catchy, memorable chorus. There’s even a few breakdowns thrown in. Vocally the band reminds me of band’s I’ve already mentioned, but also shows more ferocity with screamed vocals mixed with the leads. “Inside The White Lines” stays pretty mellow throughout with a piano lead and also has a sing-along chorus. It’s songs like this that show the band has potential to grow and improve.

Overall: I was completely taken by surprise with this CD.  This band has potential, serious potential! I Won’t Go Quietly is an impressive collection of tracks and I wouldn’t be surprised if the band was picked up by a bigger label in the future. Drop what you’re doing and head over to the Myspace to check these guys out. They are definitely a band to keep an eye on!