Album Review :
The Redemption Center - Land of Plenty

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Artist: The Redemption Center

Album: Land of Plenty

Label: Blind Records

Release Date: August 17, 2010

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. Timothy’s Rag
  2. The Boy Who Shed His Skin
  3. Land of Plenty
  4. The Life That Should Have Been Mine
  5. Parcel of My Heart
  6. A Man Who Knows a Few Things
  7. Six Years and a Day
  8. Showdown
  9. I’m Afraid of You
  10. Forever without You
  11. Raise Up the Ghost
  12. In My Mother’s House

For over two years, a man from “Central NY” by the name of J. Stephen Smith has been working with Jesse Sprinkle to create some down to earth country-rock full of fun satire, social consciousness, and spiritual reflection. You may know Jesse as the brother of Aaron Sprinkle, default producer at Tooth & Nail. Jesse and Aaron started together in Poor Old Lu, and Jesse has since taken his drumming talents to approximately half of the bands ever signed to T&N, including Morella’s Forest, Demon Hunter, and Dead Poetic. Now moving from band member to producer, Jesse co-wrote all but two songs on Land of Plenty, though all the lyrics came from J. Stephen Smith. As someone more familiar with his drumming than his solo material, it is hard to say how heavy his influence ways on The Redemption Center. Either way, this is a solid debut from a band worth keeping an eye on. Some songs tell stories in the way Johnny Cash used to do (“Showdown”), while others poke fun at modern life and human failures (“Parcel of My Heart”). The band’s heart for the needy is not only shown in songs like “The Boy Who Shed His Skin” or “Land of Plenty” but also on their website, where each album purchase also covers the cost of a meal at the Rescue Mission of Syracuse. Liner notes to the album include info about other charities the band supports.

Overall: Some songs could have been more developed, especially with the vocals, but overall Land of Plenty is a solid debut. The lyrics are good, and the heart of the band shines through with the entire project. If you like anything from Gasoline Heart to Third Day, The Redemption Center could be a band worth watching.