Album Review :
The Record Kid - Stories

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Band: The Record Kid
Title: Stories
Label: N/A
Release Date: March 31, 2009
Review By: Scott L


  1. What I’ve Let Go
  2. Starting Over Fresh
  3. Mid July
  4. Can’t Shake This Feeling
  5. Broadway Girl
  6. Stuck Here Waiting
  7. Higher Now
  8. A New Day
  9. On Your Side
  10. Scared To Death

The Record Kid is a 6-piece out of Atlanta, Georgia that walks the fine line between pop and rock. Not nearly as catchy as bands like Morning Light or The Real You… and yet not quite as rockin’ as Esme or The Rise Of Science, they’d basically fit in there somewhere around There For Tomorrow or Between The Trees. Nevertheless, The Record Kid is easy on the ears and typically catchy. They biggest set-back is that these guys play great music but just don’t do enough to separate themselves from the droves of bands doing pretty much the same thing. In an oversaturated market it’s gonna take something extra to push past the status quo and carve out your own niche.

Now understand that I did enjoy this CD and that I have every confidence that you’ll enjoy it as well. But even though the names and faces are different , you’ve heard this before. Many times over. If you’re cool with that, great. If you’re looking for big time originality and something that’ll make you sit up and take notice… I’d stay on the train and try the next station.

Lyrically, the 10 tracks that make up “Stories” are fairly ubiquitous. Catchy? Certainly. Creative? Not so much. Again, there isn’t too much here that you haven’t heard before, albeit somewhat rearranged and repackaged. Consider the song “On Your Side” which says “you said to wait outside your door / but the apartments empty / I tried you on the phone / it just kept ringing / the hours passing by and finally I see your headlights / creeping up the drive / you’re shaking / you’re breaking down / I am on your side I’m letting you know / I’m throwing you a line / you’re still sinking slow / I’m trying to keep you, trying to keep you alive / just hold on / I am on your side / she’s said she’s gotta get out of town / she’ll take the next plane leaving / I tried to calm her down / she kept repeating / all the things that have gone wrong / tonight it just went way too far now she’s done / but never soon enough”.

Standout track was “A New Day” which is a powerful song and one that lives up to the CD’s title. This song truly is a story set to music and contains a nice message.

Overall: If you’re a pop-rock fan that’s not gonna look too deep, The Record Kid’s new release is for you. “Stories” isn’t gonna redefine the genre but it’s a good solid release and a welcome addition.