Album Review :
The Glorious Unseen - How He Loves EP

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Artist: The Glorious Unseen
Album: How He Loves EP
Label: Tooth and Nail/Bec Recordings
Reviewer: Stephen M

  1. All Around
  2. How He Loves
  3. Heavy Hearted

When was the last time you saw a movie sequel that was any good? (Wasn’t Transformers II bad!?) Well we are weeks away The Glorious Unseen’s second full release and they have come out with a 3-track EP titled “How He Loves”. This EP gives us a great taste of what we can expect from the new full released CD – worship music at it’s best.

These three songs are filled with passion, honesty, melody, and spirit. Musically it is very similar to their previous releases, yet with a more matured sound consisting of the sincere vocals of Ben, combined with light guitar strumming, the soft keys of a piano, and a variety of percussion.

The lyrics are almost depressing to a point… but in a good way.  They talk about our lost hope and how when we are at the breaking point there is always a good ending – God will meet us there. He will take our worries, He will pour out His mercy as we reach out to Him and He will hear us in our cries of desperation and we will look into His eyes and we will know that His love has no end. That was a paraphrase of what Ben is singing about in the song “All Around”. “How He Loves” is a John McMillan song that shows the spirit of the Lord working in every single word:

If grace is an ocean then we’re all sinking
Then Heaven meets Earth like a sloppy wet kiss
My heart turns violently inside of my chest
I don’t have time to maintain this regrets
When I think about the way he loves us

Heavy hearted is my favorite track on this EP, it has a very catchy chorus and it’s very easy to sing along. If I was musically inclined myself I would love to introduce these songs to my church because they each have a message that we as a community of believers need to hear.  Here are a few of the song’s lyrics:

When you take me as I am
It’s like the sunlight gracing the land
and when I feel heavy hearted
Please come and take my hand
Heavy hearted again
It’s so crazy
How You sustain me
When I am down in the dirt You come and claim me
Father Your burden is light, I need Your love tonight
I’m reaching out to You

The Glorious Unseen is one of the best worship bands out today, if not the best. The band works together to bring every bit of heartfelt desire, honesty and passion into these three songs to create an amazing preview for their full release that is coming out August 25th. This is sure to be one sequel that will not disappoint and may even “transform” a few lives.  Pun intended.