Album Review :
The Glorious Unseen - Cries Of The Broken

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Artist: The Glorious Unseen
Album: Cries of the Broken
Label: Tooth and Nail/Bec Recordings
Reviewer: Stephen M

My first time hearing about The Glorious Unseen was about eight months ago when I was doing my daily check of new music right here on IVM. From the first time I heard Ben’s voice I knew I was going to like them a lot.

I have been one of those kinds of guys who has listened to Hardcore/Metal music his whole life and have never been a big fan of worship music. Sure I sang it in church and loved worshiping God with the meaningful lyrics, yet it was never something I listened to when I would be driving down the highway. The Glorious Unseen changed that. When you listen to The Glorious Unseen I feel as if I am listening to one of my favourite hardcore bands doing an acoustic song. I love how they describe themselves on their MySpace page as being “Spirit filled post-hardcore music.” I think that describes them perfectly, beautiful heartfelt lyrics with Ben Crist’s unique voice and the ravishing guitar melodies that create an atmosphere where you can focus on God.

This is my favourite worship CD released to date. They took some songs and redid them, made them unique in there own way and it works! For example they took “God of Wonders” and did their own unique version of it, as well as a new song they wrote called “Your Promises Still Remain.” The Glorious Unseen’s lyrics are a cry out to God for His amazing grace and unfailing Love. I can see their music being sung in Church on a Sunday morning; it has a strong melody and is full of meaning so that everyone will be singing along with it. I can’t say enough about the lyrics and how uplifting and encouraging they are, you have to check these guys out if you haven’t heard them already.

Even though most of this EP consists of songs from its predecessor, it is still a brand new listening experience. After a hard day at work or when you’re feeling distant from God there is nothing more encouraging then sitting down listening to The Glorious Unseen and talking about your day with God. This EP is a must get. I can’t wait for the full CD.

1. Wrapped Up In You (acoustic)
2. Hear Our Prayers (acoustic)
3. Burn In Me (acoustic)
4. Tonight The Stars Speak (acoustic)
5. Forever Holy (acoustic)
6. Your Promises Still Remain [previously unreleased]
7. God of Wonders [previously unreleased]