Album Review :
The Distance Between - Building Bridges

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Artist: The Distance Between

Album: Building Bridges

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

First of all, I am not a big fan of incomplete sentences. Sure, it makes you think, but I have enough on my plate these days that it just isn’t something I need right now. That is strike one. Second, I don’t really need any more mediocre alternative rock in my life. This is one genre where you better do it well or stay home. Where does The Distance Between fit in? Well, essentially…

By starting off fast, these Californians start off rocky. The vocals just aren’t strong enough for this type of music. This is in greater evidence when we get to track four, where the album goes from mediocore (misspelling intended – see, I can do it too) to a more pleasant pop rock, slowing it down for a more calming presence, venturing on the concept of catchy. Track 9, “Try” was featured on one of IVM’s compilations, and with good reason, as it has probably the best blend of catchyness and pace. Overall, there just isn’t a whole lot to grab onto on this album. There are some hooks here and there, but nothing innovative or daring, nor anything strong enough to catch my attention. There are some spiritually uplifting moments in there, but I am a little too bored to have them hit home.

Score: 5/10

Track List:

1. Open Arms

2. Letting Go

3. Breathe Deep

4. Tonight

5. The Distance Between

6. Sleep

7. Let It Burn

8. Building bridges

9. Try

10.The Struggle

11.This Heart Beat Changes Everything