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The Atlantic Manor - On The Wrong Side Of A Saturday Night

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Artist: The Atlantic Manor

Album: On The Wrong Side Of A Saturday Night

Label: Do Too Records

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

Eight. Think about that number. This is the eighth record in eight years for this indie folk country artist that is probably most comparable to Neil Young, yet still hard to define into one simple genre. That is determination and consistency for any band, but especially for one that will probably never have much of an audience. This is definitely one of those things like Mountain Dew, you just have to have a taste for it or you’ll probably hate it. If you dig it, then you’ve got ten songs on one of eight albums to enjoy (good luck finding those other seven though, I imagine), if not, well, if you hang around here for long you will know there’s a lot of other stuff out there.

That being said, there is something I really enjoy about The Atlantic Manor and something that is a great disturbance in my life and it saddens me a bit that they must co-exist, for a half cup of dirt mixed with a half cup of water makes things a bit too murky to drink. The laid back, depressing folk sound comes with quite touching acoustic melodies, yet are entwined with some of the most difficult vocals to swallow, making for a very long album to endure. Sure, this sounds like something my grandpa might have enjoyed if he weren’t busy singing with the angels in Heaven right now, but I don’t see this making a lot of spins in my abode. At best, this record could be around if I ever feel like being really, really depressed, because this is about as big of a downer I could ever get from an album, but maybe some people are into that. Maybe some people are into every song sounding the same too. Maybe.

Track List:

1. A Pause Before Dust

2. You Are Forgiven

3. Town and Country

4. Oh Death

5. On The Wrong Side of a Saturday Night

6. Wood Soul

7. Where I Let You Go

8. Old Dogs

9. Destroyer’s Blues

10. Trouble Box

11. Broken Limb Trainer

12. Untitled

Score: 4/10


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