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The Art Of Living - The Art Of Living

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Band: The Art Of Living
Title: The Art Of Living
Label: None
Release Date: May 2010
Reviewer: Otto G.

Track listing:

  1. The Pretense
  2. The Departure
  3. The Absence
  4. The Motivation
  5. The Creation
  6. The Ocean
  7. The Instinct
  8. The Generation
  9. The Conclusion

The Art Of living is an Indie Rock band from Delaware, probably most of you guys never heard nothing from them before, well, two of these guys Kyle Trask (vocals) and Andrew Lee( bass) used to be in a band called “Love Beyond Reason” with Aaron Allason (Failure To Excel), sadly currently they are playing their final shows.

I started listening to them about five months ago when I was searching for a new indie rock band, the first time when I heard these guys, I fell in love with their sound instantly, because while I’m listening to them always brings me back to those times when I used to listen Beneath Medicine Tree of Copeland, of course they are not as talented as Copeland but I see some potential in them.

Musically the album begins with a relaxing song titled “The Pretense”. It starts with just an acoustic melody and Kyle’s voice, that eases into your mind and slowly captivates you, at the end the song is more intense, eventually a piano comes in a few of songs with soft interludes , speaking of drums there are some double pedal implementation in the song “The Departure ” (with no-heavy intentions) in some parts but the song is still relaxing.

Speaking of production there are two things I dislike therefore they should take note if they are planning to create a new album in the future: the album needs more reverberation and bass .

Lyrically this album is filled with emotion and melancholy at the same is filled with honestly and overcoming, consider the song “The Motivation” which says: I feel I could be more, more than just a kid who sits a dreams / I’m placing my feet to the path, it’s never what it seems/ I’m placing my feet to the path, it’s never what it seems/ Oh God, let me go home, or why not consider the track “The Generation” which says: When the world around me moves I’ll be smiling, saying “I made it on my own time” /Too much to see to say that I won’t ever make it/I’ll keep myself to go on and my heart where it should be.

The best track is by far “The Departure” which has decent crafted guitar work, and passionate vocals. but probably it is just the Copeland fan inside me.

Overall: If you are looking for some relaxing and beautiful music, definitely you should check these guys out, especially if you are into the music of bands such as Copeland,Number One Gun, Sleep For Sleepers and so on, as I mentioned above they are not as talented as those bands but they worth a listen, so give them an opportunity to be in your music collection.