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The Almost "Southern Weather"

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Band: The Almost
Title: Southern Weather
Release Date: 4.3.07
Review By: JoshIVM


01. Say This Sooner
02. Drive There Now
03. Dirty And Left Out
04. I Mostly Copy Other People
05. Southern Weather
06. Stop It
07. Amazing Because It Is
08. Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat
09. Never Say “I Told You So”
10. Call Back When I’m Honest
11. Everything That Makes Me Sick

I had been wishing since the days of “Changing Of Times“, that Aaron would do a side project. I suppose this was especially due to the fact that I disliked that album. I actually wouldn’t have been surprised if he left to do it. I’m glad it happened this way though. Once Spencer showed up in Underoath and the sound greatly improved I was glad he stayed. Anyways, Aaron has always had a great voice and needed a project that would feature him more. Well thankfully Underoath blew up and provided him with an opportunity to do just that.

Aaron handled nearly all the duties on this album. He did the guitar, bass, drums, and vocals as well. He had some help from a few guest artists and backup guitars from Aaron Sprinkle. Since the recording he has gathered a full lineup to perform live. The album is a showcase of Aaron’s giftedness in music. The guests that appear are Jeremy Enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate) in “Dirty And Left Out“. Kenny Vasoli (Starting Line) lends his vocals on “I Mostly Copy Other People” and actually played bass on that track and “Southern Weather“. Lastly, the producer Aaron Sprinkle sings on “Never Say ‘I Told You So’“.

The album opens up with the single “Say This Sooner“. It’s one of the more upbeat and catchy tracks and probably was the best choice to hook some fans. Other tracks in the same vein are “Drive There Now“, “I Mostly Copy Other People“, and “Southern Weather“. Most of the tracks are similar in speed and catchiness. There are a few tracks that are toned down and actually are the standouts to me. One would be the third track, “Dirty And Left Out“. It’s a nice, quiet, acoustic ballad and one of my favorites. My overall favorite track, considering both music and lyrics, is by far “Amazing Because It Is“. It’s an awesome song plain and simple.

Overall Rating: “Southern Weather” is an extremely well done album. Aaron has given all I could ask for and probably more than I expected. This disc will definitely spend plenty of time coming out of my speakers. I suggest that everyone check this disc out. (10/10)

Standout Tracks: “Dirty And Left Out”, “Southern Weather”, “Amazing Because It Is”

Recommendation: Buy The Album & A T-shirt Too

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