Album Review :
The Almost - No Gift To Bring

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Artist: The Almost

Album: No Gift To Bring

Label: Tooth and Nail

Released: 11/24/2008

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

I give up. You win, Aaron Gillespie. You can do anything you want to.

The Almost, the brainchild of the backbone of the heart-pounding body that is Underoath has brought us yet another project to sink our teeth into, this time a mere appetizer of an acoustic EP displaying a new song, a Christmas song, a hymn and two new versions of old songs. No, this probably isn’t going to display the new direction that the almost will take whenever they come out with another full length later next year. The lyrics are honest and real, something we’ve come to expect from Aaron G, and if you are into acoustic stuff then this is a nice treat.

The EP starts off with the only completely new track, “Awful Direction”, which speaks about a topic similar to what you’d find if you ever read Romans Chapter 7 (which you should, because Romans 5-8 are especially vital), detailing the struggle between what we know we want to do as Christians and what we end up doing instead. Next up is “Little Drummer Boy”, which was also featured on “X Christmas”, and is the only version of the song I’ve ever been able to stomach, let alone enjoy. “Amazing Because It Is” follows suit and is apparently the “full version” of the song that was on “Southern Weather”, his full length from last year. An interesting song is up next, as it is a cover of a Casting Crowns song of all bands, in a version of “Your Love is Extravagant”. Finally, a strange electro-synth version of “Dirty and Left Out”.

There you go, boys and girls, ladies and gentleman of all ages. If you are fan of acoustic songs and like Aaron’s somewhat whiney voice then this ain’t bad.