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Starfield - The Saving One

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Band: Starfield
Title: The Saving One
Label: Sparrow Records
Release Date: February 23, 2010
Review By: Steve & Apryl
Track Listing:
1. The Saving One
2. Rediscover You
3. Declaration Of Dependence
4. No Other Savior
5. Something To Say
6. Absolutely
7. Overwhelm
8. Top Of Our Lungs
9. Glory Is Rising
10. I Need A Father
11. The Saving One (Acoustic)

I’ve had the opportunity to see Starfield on several occasions and to talk with Jon and Tim Neufeld. They are great guys. Their heart for Jesus is obvious in their words, stage presence, and especially the lyrics of their songs. That being said, I do have one problem with them, and it’s all about the Sonshine Music Festival 2009. They had the unfortunate job of opening the main stage around 2 pm, and there were some associated sound issues. They made a valiant effort to increase the energy of the crowd as their show came to an end. But let’s just say, there are times to mosh and times definitely NOT to mosh. A Starfield concert is a great example of a time not to mosh, and they broke that rule. I guess the blame should really go to the mosh-happy audience, but still . . . it was just wrong, and I have a smashed camera to prove it. Moshing to Starfield makes about as much sense as a Demon Hunter fan moshing to the Veggie Tales.

Musically, there’s not much more to say about Starfield. They are talented, seasoned musicians, and their album The Saving One is another great example of their musical gifting. I think most Starfield fans would agree that the band is known for writing great songs regarding Christian living. Their lyrics involve praise and worship, doctrine, and challenges for Christians to step up to their calling. The Saving One has these characteristics as well, but what makes this album stand out is an additional quality that is new to Starfield—vulnerability. Their first single released from this album was “Rediscover You.” This song deals with the very real fact that being a Christian is not always an easy road—the reality that sometimes our faith wavers, and for whatever reason, our walk with God evolves throughout our ever-changing lives. This thought is revealed further through the song “Something to Say.” The simple yet powerful lyrics state:

I’ve got something to say
It’s been one of those days
When I’m finding it hard to believe in You.

I’ve got something to say
I’ve forgotten how to pray
And I’m finding it hard to believe the truth . . .

And faith might mean there won’t be answers
And hope might mean enduring through the night
But help me not forget in darkness
The things that I believed in light

Tim and Jon have an amazing ability to portray deep emotion in very few words. This raw vulnerability is a sharp contrast to their otherwise predictable lyrics. It’s refreshing to hear songs that talk about all of the experiences along a Christian’s journey—not just the good times. Instead of being depressing like many popular secular songs of our era, this song shows that it is possible to go through great struggles, even doubt the very existence of God, and pull through to the other side without losing faith. I have no idea what this brother duo (both of whom are new parents) has been through to inspire these lyrics, but I’d love to know. Perhaps someday, they’ll tell us. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what they write next.

Overall: this is another solid album from Starfield. They add some vulnerability which adds a refreshing change to the Starfield norm yet still deliver some songs in classic Starfield fashion.

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