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Standing Small - Oh Sweet Child

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Artist: Standing Small
Album: Oh Sweet Child
Label: Future Destination Records
Release Date: January 15, 2008
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. I Need You
2. Strings
3. Oh To Know
4. I’m Coming Back
5. Grace through Iniquity
6. When You’re Lost

Standing Small are what I would categorize as “The impressive opening act.”  You know the type. You went to see the headliner or maybe one of the bands in between, but after this smaller unheard-of band played the first set, you were rushing back to the merch table to pick up a CD (or at least trying to remember their name so you can become friends on myspace). Well my friends, consider yourselves having already attended that show and having already run back to that merch table, where you would see Oh Sweet Child, buy it, and play it in the car on the ride home. What you would find on this disc are six tracks (five songs) full of smart melodies, well-developed instrumentation, and subtly-crafted vocals. It’s mostly light pop/rock with an obvious alternative nod, led by acoustic guitars and a lacy piano with solid bass and drums. As a warning, the production works much better on larger home-stereo speakers than it does with headphones, but either way the songs are still enjoyable. “Grace through Iniquity” would be the standout track in my mind with a really catchy chorus, but none of the songs are bad. With a great voice and great music, this is one set of talent to watch in the future.



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