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Servants - Finding My Hope

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Label: Independent
Release Date: July 7, 2017


  1. Freedom
  2. Valleys
  3. Questions
  4. Mountains

Servants‘ latest EP is a solid stack of modern hardcore punk tracks. If you enjoyed Close Your Eyes, Take It Back!, Come Back Kid, Means, or even more popular bands like A Day to Remember, there’s a good chance you’ll find something comfortably familiar here.

Overall, the four-track collection sticks well within genre boundaries. This works to create a sense of cohesion that avoids feeling stale. That’s not to say there’s a lack of variety – post-hardcore elements are particular present of Mountains, for instance, which instantly reminded me of A Hope for Home’s Redemption: A Grief Observed.

“Finding My Hope” is a high-energy EP that never loses steam; this is apart from the first few seconds of Freedom. There’s definitely a triumphant atmosphere, overlayed with lyrics that wrestle with, unsurprisingly, finding hope. Momentum shifts from melodic riffs to palm-muted pseudo-breakdowns that, though not atypical for the genre, provides plenty of variety for the listener.

Ultimately, “Finding My Hope” definitely feels like something you’d find on Dreambound’s playlist: its mix of melodic hardcore and post-hardcore, with the occasional metalcore moment sprinkled in, surely must make for emotive live shows considering how well it translates emotionally on the recording. Its brevity is certainly a setback but it’s definitely a strong EP that will definitely find an audience with longtime followers of Facedown Records.

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Servants is one of my favorite bands ever. Rad guys, rad music!


Love this band! Glad to have some more songs to wear out.

This is seriously solid melodic hardcore. Love it!

Stephen Young

I missed these guys play at audiofeed this year. I showed up late arghhh


They were awesome!

Aaron friesen

Cool to see a means reference!