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Saravain/Ready the Way- Split EP

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Artist(s): Saravain, Ready the Way

Album: Split EP

Record Label: N/A

Release Date: February 16, 2008

Websites: Saravain, Ready the Way

Reviewed by: Cory

This split EP is between Baltimore, Maryland’s Saravain and Richmond/Lynchburg, Virginia’s Ready the Way. Both bands are up and coming melodic hardcore bands, but they each take a different approach to the genre. Saravain focuses on clean vocals and catchy melodic hooks, while Ready the Way writes progressive guitar parts with screams and sporadic sung/spoken lyrics.

While we normally don’t review secular bands here at IVM, it would be weird to review half of an album when both halves are equally important. Saravain plays a style of hardcore that I’m not normally into, but these guys have kept my attention. The lead singer gets in your head with his infectiously catchy voice. I have to admit I’m a bigger fan of his singing than his screaming, but his scream fits the music. Generally, the music is very catchy and has a pop sensibility to it until they catch you off-guard with a well placed breakdown and gutteral screams.

Ready the Way weaves melodic guitar lines with brutal drum beats. The music is hard, fast, and oddly beautiful. The vocals are tough but emotional. The emotion behind the vocals shows they are truly passionate about what they write music about. Which brings me to my favorite part of their music. Their lyrics are Spirit-filled and convey convicting messages about the state of the church. They write about how the church is apathetic and how Christians shelter themselves from the world. And I believe they’ve created an anthem in their song Come Follow Me when they yell out “Fight for the heart of your King!”

Overall, this is a well made album. For both bands being unsigned, the production quality is pretty high and the songs sound really clear. My main disappointment with this EP is that it doesn’t capture the excitement and energy that both of these bands have live. And I know I say that in a lot of reviews lately, but its true. It’s hard to listen to these songs on an iPod after you seen what they can do on stage. But if that’s the only truly negative thing I have to say about the EP, then I’m glad it is that because a band should sound better live anyway.

Unfortunately as of right now you can only buy this album from the bands themselves. But you can listen to all of Ready the Way’s songs on their myspace, as well as all but one of Saravain’s tracks.

Stand out tracks: Saravain “Warcry”, Ready the Way “Come Follow Me”

Score: 8/10


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