Album Review :
Runaway City - Armored Heart

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Band: Runaway City
Title: Armored Heart
Label: Vertusent Music Group LLC
Release Date: June 22, 2010
Review By: Steve
Track Listing:
1. Daybreak
2. Scars
3. Fade
4. Longing
5. Try
6. Only You
7. Lately
8. No Escape
9. Save Me
10. More Than This

With the invention of the iPod and the FM transmitter, I no longer listen to the radio, and I no longer have to fumble through 100s of CDs all while trying to keep my eyes on the road. I am saying that because I miss out on a lot of modern alternative/rock bands like Runaway City. A good friend told me that Runaway City is good “Radio Rock,” and I cannot agree more.

Armored Heart has top notch production; however, the songs were really hit or miss for me. There was no middle ground. Lead vocalist Josh Edwards sounds a lot like Paul McCoy of 12 Stones.  Despite the tracks being hit or miss for me, there is plenty of good rock on Armored Heart to please fans of this genre.  My favorite tracks on Armored Heart are “Daybreak” and “Fade.” “Daybreak” is a song about God always being there to guide us home when we have strayed. In addition, “Daybreak” definitely has a 12 Stones feel to it. Runaway City’s first single “Fade” is a song that speaks of God’s unfading love.

Overall: This is a solid debut effort for a band with tons of talent and potential. I enjoyed this album, believe that fans of modern Christian Rock and CCM should definitely check Runaway City out, and support them and their ministry.