Album Review :
ReVrence - EP

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Band: ReVrence
Title: EP
Label: N/A
Review By: Scott L


01. Deep Water
02. The Big Bang Theory
03. Break!

ReVrence is a four-piece, female-fronted heavy worship band based out of Clay County, Alabama. They describe their style as “face melting worship to acoustic” with a heart “to tell others about Jesus through our music, actions, and interactions.”

The 3-track EP they sent me to review is apparently only a foreshadowing of what’s to come as they will be releasing a CD this spring on Head Fuel Records. The EP itself is a bit muddy as far as the sonics go, but still provides a good glimpse of what ReVrence has to offer. Which, while not mind-blowingly creative, is catchy and packs a powerful message.

For the most part ReVrence comes across as a modern rock outfit in the vein of bands such as Litany for the Departed, Venomentality, and Seether. The opening track, “Deep Water”, even sports an almost Linkin Park-ish vocal track here and there. Song structure was good; although, again, nothing that really stood out.

What did stand out was the heart that this band has for the harvest that God has placed them in. They come across with a great ministry mindset and a true passion to reach the unsaved. And that goes a long way in my book.

Lauren Harmon, the lead vocalist for ReVrence sums up her life and ministry focus like this, “I have been in ‘church’ for as long as I can remember. But I was never really a Christian. My parents requested that I go and I went along… begrudgingly. I played the part of a Christian for a while in my younger days until that was not cool anymore. I strayed down the wrong path for 6 years. I was into just about every sinful thing that you could imagine. My life was going nowhere except deeper into despair. I went on this way until I hit rock-bottom. With the help of my fellow band members, I finally found Jesus. I finally realized what it is to be a true Christian and not just play the part. The love and comfort that I have found in Jesus Christ is unlike any other that I have ever known. I am immensely grateful for the chance to use my talents for his work. My only hope is that I may be able to reach someone who was like me, someone who felt that there was no way out. If this band reaches just one person and leads them to the love of Jesus Christ that will save their life, then it will all be worth it.” Amen, to that.

Overall: ReVrence may be a little rough in places, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking them out. And with the raised production values that a label release typically affords a band, I’m anxious to hear them take their sound to the next level.