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Remove The Veil "Another Way Home"

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Band: Remove The Veil
Title: Another Way Home
Label: Facedown
Review By: JoshIVM


01. The Crux
02. A Rage Scene Retold
03. Vampire
04. How To Jump A Ravine
05. Burn It Told
06. Watauga
07. Devil Child
08. Wait To Wake
09. The Revision
10. Another Way Home
11. The Secret Syndrome


Mark Hendrix: Vocals/Guitar
Cliff McCall: Bass
Pat Hood: Guitar
Mark Coxwell: Drums

Remove The Veil formed just 2 years ago, released an EP and then signed to Facedown. The band plays a punk-metal hybrid with a lot of Southern flare. At times they can be reminiscent of bands like Everytime I Die but not so much as to be accused as ripping them off. While listening you can also at times pick up influences from classic rock, eighties metal, and even the 90’s hard rock acts. Thankfully the band chose not to go too far Southern or too far metal but chose to stick right in the middle, which is where they should be.

“The Crux” shows off the band’s writing talent instantly. They didn’t follow any of the trends for their genre. The clean singing fit amazingly with their sound but don’t sound forced like most other bands. Reminds me of some of the vocalists from the 90’s grunge era actually. The solo here is a great fit and placed perfectly timewise. “A Rage Scene Retold” gives a bit more of the Southern sound especially about a minute and a half in where they deliver an awesome guitar solo, not necessarily in the technical sense but as in fitting with the feel of the song. “Burn It Down” is my favorite track on the album because it’s melodic verses. The guitar lines just hooked me. There’s also a decent breakdown followed by another cool sung part. “Wait To Wake” is another great upbeat track, which has a great 2 step beat if you’re one of those dancers out there. If not, you’ll definitely bob or bang your head along with the band. “Another Way” home is good enough for rock radio stations. The song starts off with a cool acoustic guitar park and then Mark begins with a surprisingly impressive vocal. The song is pretty mellow for the first couple minutes and then the other instruments come in and deliver a great hard rock anthem! If the band wanted to they could probably pursue this sound and blow up. I hope they keep this side and begin to blend it even more with their ferocious side. The song caught me completely off guard but I’m glad they included this song in there as it’s one of my favorites!

Overall Rating: I’m so glad they stand away from the cliche southern metal vocals. Mark’s raspy yelling fits perfectly and sets it apart from many of the clones out there. Although it may not be terribly original musically it is one enjoyable listen! This has been a good year for debut acts on Facedown and RTV are one of the better ones. You should really pick this album up if you haven’t already! (8.5/10)

Standout Tracks: “A Rage Scene Retold”, “Burn It Down”, “Another Way Home”


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