Album Review :
Reasons For Living- Future Destination Records Sampler

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Album: Reasons For Living
Label: Future Destination Records
Review by: Cory

Slamming down 22 tracks mixed with a little bit of hardcore, pop punk and some progressive rock. Each band or artist on the sampler is extremely innovative and all the songs are very catchy. Future Destination Records did a great job on the song choice for this sampler; I found myself listening to every track over and over again. They bring a great mix of bands who are all for Jesus and a lot of the tracks provide for a worshipful experience.

Some of the stand out tracks would have to be track 4- The Redemption Song’s “Sleepers”, track 8- The Apprentice’s “I Was Wrong”, and track 9- The Audible Campaign’s “Drop Dead”. The Redemption Song brings in their mix of melodic hardcore punk with some of the catchiest tunes I’ve ever listened to by a hardcore band. The Apprentice comes in with their second song on the cd ( the only band to have two songs on the cd by the way) as a soulful acoustic ballad, pretty much rivaling anything that mainstream Christian music has produced. The Audible Campaign comes blaring in with a catchy mix of indie and pop punk that infectously makes you dance where ever you are.

I highly suggest this sampler if you are trying to look for new music. Though some of the artists have moved on from Future Destination Records this album is gauge at what Christian music should sound like.


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