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Quiet Science - He Calls Me Diamonds

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Band: Quiet Science
Title: He Calls Me Diamonds
Label: N/A
Release Date: 2008
Review By: Scott L


  1. The Last Satellite
  2. Arcadia
  3. Gypsy Flowers
  4. Brilliant
  5. Beaming
  6. Queen Elisabeth

Don’t let the cover fool you… this isn’t a concept album about the subjugation of the human race by flesh-eating monstrosities from beyond Alpha Centari. And in spite of the strangely winged space thing apparently laser-drilling into what looks like Earth, this is not techno, or dreamo, or even 80’s hair-metal. Although, there are hints of some of those genres in miniscule doses smattered here and there.

Quiet Science is a 4-piece out of sunny Florida that plays a catchy alt-rock similar to Film School and Turn Off The Stars with maybe a bit of Snow Patrol and The Killers thrown in around the edges. Quiet Science’s 6-song EP, “He Calls Me Diamonds”, makes for a pleasantly eclectic listen. Great hooks and an almost retro vibe in places, these three guys and a gal are easy to get into.

Previously called A Denver Mile, they released two CDs prior to the face lift. As Quiet Science, “He Calls Me Diamonds” is their first release and contained 2 tracks from A Denver Mile’s 2008 “I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon” EP. With the transition, they’ve softened and streamlined their sound a bit and put together an EP that’s worth your time to check out.

Lyrically, “He Calls Me Diamonds” is a mixed bag. Mostly because any intended message sorta gets lost in the forced creativity of the words themselves. While that’s not always the case, I’ll let the band explain; “music has the ability to unite people from all walks of life and situations, weaving notes and syllables into something unique and inspiring. Quiet Science is a band that takes advantage of this detail by initially capturing its audience with strong melodies, but also reaching the heart with its poignant and often emotionally charged lyrics. Nathan, the main lyricist, writes with a poetic flare that often eludes people to the true meaning of the songs, as most are written in allegorical form, though not always. Lyrics, along with their meaning, are also posted so that audiences can connect with the band as well as delve into the interpretations. … each song is a collection of ideas that goes beyond the individual, as Quiet Science aims to do something that will not be forgotten.” While I’m not sure why you’d want the true meaning of your lyrics to elude listeners… I guess if that’s their thing, then that’s their thing. The lyrics themselves are well-crafted and thought-provoking, but for the most part lack any real spiritual undertone. While God is mentioned, it’s in a more neutral manner. As an example of the lyrics, I chose a fairly straightforward song, “Beaming”… no not the Star Trek kind of beaming… “closing night sky / tired beams of light line her face / she leans into me / as we stare into the breaking line / it’s so slippery / you think you have it in your hands / when it’s walking away / everything’s gonna be alright, she said / dancing to the rhythm / once it beats inside your chest / but I can’t hear it now”.

The standout track for me was “Arcadia” which is just a great tune with a bouncy rhythm, big keys, and a killer breakdown at about the 3:13 mark. This is the song that made the CD for me. Great stuff.

Overall: Quiet Science’s 6-song EP. “He Calls Me Diamonds”, is a welcome addition to the musical landscape and one that you’d do well to look into. Since they list renown sci-fi author Philip K. Dick as an influence, I had figured that it would be more of an edgy cyber-punk type of sound, but was pleasantly surprised to find it to be nice smooth alt-rock instead. Enjoy.

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