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Of The Son - At War (EP)

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Band: Of The Son
Title: At War (EP)
Label: Harvest Earth Records
Release Date: 9/12/06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Kill Your Past
02. Sinless
03. I Live For The Day I Die
04. Crucify
05. Sinless (Live)
06. Praise Unto Christ (Live)
07. Lion (Live)


Rob: Drums
Jon: Guitar
Ryan: Vocals
Nate: Bass

Of The Son have been around for 3 years now. The band, coming from Bloomington, IN, immediately started writing their debut effort called “The Dead Will Rise”. You can check that album out on Wounded Records. The band recently signed with Harvest Earth and their first offering is an EP featuring 4 new songs and 3 live songs called “At War”. Self-described as praise-core the band mixes elements of nu metal, metal, and hardcore.

When I first heard OTS I was pleasantly surprised that a metalcore band who attempted to bring a different sound. The singing is different than pretty much every other popular metalcore group out there. “Kill Your Past” is a typical OTS sounding track. Pounding drums, chugging riffs, and Ryan’s straining screams. They have developed their own sound which is impressive for a young band. They thrown in a cleanly sung part, which I think actually takes away from the song as a whole. “Sinless” shows the band showing off a bit more of the trendy metalcore sound, which they accomplish well.

“I Live For The Day I Die” is a speedy song with driving guitars and some finger work. Another song in the same vein as other metalcore acts, the band shows off their skill while keeping true to their sound. Again mixing in a bunch of flavors and styles to bring together the whole. “Crucify” shows the band expanding their sound and embracing other influences. The band once again uses the clean vocals in this song but it fits better and is in a shorter section.

Standout Tracks: “Sinless”, “Crucify”

Overall Rating: A short, but solid release that should gain them more exposure than their first release. The uniqueness of their sound will hopefully gain them something and put them ahead of many others out there today.

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: The cover art is a pretty sweet scene of what looks to be Ancient Rome. It seems to be taken from an old painting but I cannot be sure.

Lyrics: This band would have fit perfectly in the time of spirit-filled hardcore outfits. Very uplifting and encouraging spiritual lyrics dealing directly with Christian faith. An album that truly is praise and worship core. [All Lyrics Included]

Marketability: The metalcore market is certainly overflowing and over-flooded at times. OTS may be able to avoid being thrown into the pack by keeping their distinct sound. More than other metal acts they have the ability to draw from nu metal fans as well.

Production: The production leaves a bit to be wanted but could be corrected. I would like to hear a track from the band with a better producer which I think would greatly increase their listening audience. The live tracks that were recorded are surprisingly near the originals. I haven’t been able to see this band live but I think I might try to after hearing these live recordings.

Vocals: I don’t care much for the sung vocals but I do like his normal screaming approach. He has a unique vocal which is needed in the scene.

Similar To: War Of Ages

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