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My Epic "This is Rescue"

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Band: My Epic
Album: This is Rescue
Label: None (Unsigned)
Review by: Brandon Jones

I am at a loss for words at the scope and imagination this 5 song release holds. The album invites you into a sound scape of originality and sheer focus, enough to captivate any listener. Though the band shares influence from a number of artists, it’s tough to completely place a finger on who and what this band sounds like. They escape all definitions and for that you will be captured by their sound, beyond belief.

The album starts off strong with the moving “Shadows” with it’s anthemic like vocals and soaring melodies.

“Could it be someone who gave up everything to show that I am fallen but worth the scars it took to prove that this is love? This is all I’ll ever need. This is love. Oh, this is love”

Next is “…And We Were So Close to Perfection”, which further defines their melodic rock mixed with soothing melodies and a perfection beyond words. The lyrics on this album are intelligently written and convey a level of hope non-existant in other releases I’ve heard lately.

“Is this the way it’s supposed to be, the shepard slain by all the sheep? They’re cursing your name. You’re fading away. When will the empire fall? They spit in your face. It’s more than I can take. Is this the end of it all? Don’t touch him, this man has done nothing wrong…”

Back to to the album…”The Common Curse” follows suit with another amazing collection of verses into choruses. Silently leading us along with the scope of melody. The gang vocals of this chorus is haunting and an alleviation of any pain you might be experiencing. It’s an uplifting song and one I intend to sing along with in close harmony.
” This is rescue. this is absolution. this is mercy. this is our Redemption”

The next song “The Making of a Recluse” breaks through the mold and grabs a hold of your heart. Gripping, a song drenched in gold.
“If mercy should come to save, I’ll state my case. You had this coming There is no sacrifice too great. It’s worth everything to me. It’s worth everything!….”

Finally, the haunting ballad, “En Machaerus” delivers the goods and in a strong way. The piano intro leads you along into a beautiful landscape. A landscape holding the balance between rock power and the soft spoken. I am left in awe at the execution of this song. It ends this album on a perfect note after 5+minutes, and leaves me with chills running down my spine.

Impressive is not strong enough to explain my delight in this album. Not too often am I truly impressed by an album, especially one by an independent artist. You’d expect alot of these indie releases to be filled with a hack production job and off key singing. You are immediatly proven wrong with one listen to this album. The production is top notch, hauntingly beautiful. The album art/layout is perfect and fits this release well. The lyrics aren’t written with the enthusiasm of a 15 year old but are rather well thought out and written in passion. There is power in this band and their melodies. This isn’t screamo crap or bloated rock n’ roll. This is just plain rock with soothing melodies. My Epic joins a new revolution of artists who are unafraid to rock the boat and move the waters with their beliefs. A band willing to back up their faith with intelligent music sure to strike a chord in any music listener’s heart. My Epic are on the forefront of a generation of artists who are shaking this world to the core and sharing out of love. Passion drips from this release and for that I am proud of these guys. I can’t recommend an album enough to the casual listener and this one is no exception. This is what Christian rock SHOULD be. Prepare for the journey………

Any label that doesn’t sign these guys are plain nuts. I expect this to be the next big band of 2006, hands down.

Score: 10/10
Replay Value: Strong. This one is on constant repeat
Shirt Factor: Of course I’d buy a shirt, duh

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