Album Review :
MxPx - Left Coast Punk EP

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Band: MxPx
Title: Left Coast Punk EP
Label: Rock City Recording Company
Release Date: 11/17/09

  1. One Step Further
  2. Desperate To Understand
  3. Broken
  4. Shanghaied In Shanghai
  5. Hopeless Case
  6. End

After two years, MxPx finally releases some new original music (they released a covers album in March). The best way to describe it is MxPx’s usual fast paced punk rock. The album doesn’t contain much of their usually pop/punk sound but more faster, harder punk rock. Of course it’s still good, but just lacks some of the usual pop/punk.

The album opens up with the fast bass then guitar on “One Step Further”. The song says “One step further from the man I was yesterday” in the chorus and is self-explanatory if you know what I mean. “Desperate To Understand” follows with the fast punk rocker but then breaks into a typical sounding MxPx song in the chorus and after that.

“Broken”  starts off with the catchy  guitar riff that is typical for MxPx. “Broken” maybe be one of the best songs off the fairly short EP, but not the absolute best on it. “Shanghaied In Shanghai” ” is an interesting song and states that “I’m too young, I don’t wanna die”.  “Hopeless Case” talks about how God is our only hope when everything is falling apart and we are alone (and a “hopeless case”).

The album ends with “End” and starts off acoustic but then breaks into the great pop/punk that the album lacks some of. It is definitely my favorite song off the EP as well as the first single off it. A great closer as well, hence the title “End”. It ends it smoothly.


MxPx finally releases some new music, but it’s not their best of all time. It is faster paced and is missing the typical pop/punk elements. However, they are contained in “End” which is no doubt the best track off it. If you want some quality punk rock though, check this out!