Album Review :
Milano - Gloria EP

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Artist: Milano

Album: Gloria EP

Label: None

Release Date: October 30, 2010

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. A Day Is Gonna Come
  2. Gloria
  3. So What?!
  4. Come on, Come on
  5. A Holy Song

Fans of edgy, artsy indie rock will have something to look forward to at Cornerstone this year, where they will potentially see Milano for the first time. Hailing from Chicago, this six-piece plays a mix of Modest Mouse, Gogol Bordello, and Calibretto 13. In other words, it’s weird indie rock with a remaining punk edge, a definite gypsy beat, catchy melodies and semi-harsh vocals. With so many band members, one would be right to expect all the bells and whistles of the genre, including strings, an accordion, keys, and more. The gypsy element comes in strongly on the heavy beat and folk dance feel of “So What?!,” while the tormented and electrifying “Come on, Come on” sounds like The Black Keys might sound if they had been orphans raised on the mean streets of a former Soviet nation. While the lyrics are great if you catch them, I find that the music is just so interesting I often lose track of what is actually being said.

Overall: Milano’s new EP is fun, thought-provoking, and excellently crafted. With clever tempo changes, heavy beats, high energy and some serious attitude, Gloria plays like an unsung hero, at times epic enough for an action movie soundtrack and other times delicate and moving. While there is definitely a Christian message, more conservative listeners will want to know there is some profanity on the release. We all know each other’s opinions by now, so there’s no need to debate this again, but it is only fair to mention it as a warning for those that care. But controversial issues aside, if you are a fan of indie rock with a punk flair, Milano’s Gloria EP is certainly worth a listen.