Album Review :
Micah Massey - Kingdom

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Artist:  Micah Massey
Title:  Kingdom
Label:  Regenerate Music Company
Release Date:  February 22, 2011
Reviewer:  Jeremiah Holdsworth


1.  Intro
2.  You Are The Way
3.  You Never Fail
4.  Like A Child
5.  Purpose
6.  Lift Up
7.  First Love
8.  Your Hands
9.  Coming Alive
10.  Kingdom

I tend to go through stages as far as what music I listen to.  Sometimes I’ll listen to metal for weeks at a time, then rock, electronica, etc.  The last couple of weeks I’ve been listening to quite a bit of praise and worship from CCM to indie artists.  One of those indie artists would be Micah Massey.  He’s a 24 year old worship leader who has been leading worship services since he was 18.  Lately he has been writing songs with Israel Houghton and has been grateful that the opportunity came to be able to get insight from him.  Micah put out an album earlier this year titled “Kingdom” through upcoming label, Regenerate Music Company.  Now I’m going to tell you what I like and dislike about the album.

Musically it has CCM written all over the songs.  It’s not the same, dull and boring, CCM that you hear on the radio.  There’s more of a indie pop/rock feel here, with lush piano keys accompanying most songs.  Lyrically, there’s more depth then most CCM praise and worship as verses don’t hold a vain repetition, and lyrics tend to be pulled straight from the bible instead of shallow hand raises every other song.  After a meaningless “Intro” comes “You Are The Way” which mixes CCM style drums with alternative sounding guitars.  “You Never Fail” has an indie pop/rock feel which makes me want to clap my hands.  It’s my favorite song on the album by far.  “Like A Child” runs under two minutes with only piano accompanying Micah’s voice but it’s a chilling break from the first two songs.  “Purpose” is a slow song that begins with piano, drums come in the middle, and guitar comes in toward the end.  It’s a great song about how he relies on God instead of idle things like horses or chariots.  The line was taken from Psalm 20:7.  “Lift Up” is an up-beat song with engaging guitar riffs.  Psalm 89:27 is used to reference Jesus as the first born of all creation, not literally, but being head over everything.  This is my second favorite song on the album and you can download the song for free off of our Indie Vision Music Presents: Passionate Hope Vol. 1: Songs of Worship compilation.  “First Love” is a slow song about how Jesus is Micah’s first love.  It’s a decent song but it got boring really fast with it’s CCM styled repetition and simplicity.  “Your Hands” picks the pace back up a few steps but still comes off boring while “Coming Alive” slows it back down again. The track kept my interest with it’s revivalist lyrics, pounding drums, and various strings.  “Kingdom” rounds out this album with a beautiful ballad about how God’s Kingdom will always stand while all others will fall away.

Overall:  Micah Massey put out a full length debut that I enjoyed most of the way through.  It got kinda rocky towards the end but it’s pretty rare to find something that’s absolutely perfect.  I found myself head bobbing and finger tapping off and on throughout the entire album.  I highly recommend this album to CCM fans (I know very few frequent here), fans of indie pop/rock, and those who enjoy spiritually deep lyrics.  I ask that you don’t be turned off from the CCM comparison, because underneath the surface is a mighty fine work of art.