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Mercury Switch- Time to Shine

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Band: Mercury Switch
Album: Time to Shine
Label: Indianola Records
Reviewed by: Cory (xBeaconx)

OK, this band is above the mediocre. I was expecting a lot less, especially after having their previous release and not having many good thoughts about it. But this time the band brings in some experimental elements, not always good, but not always bad either. They use synthesizers
similar to “Change of Times” era of Underoath. Which isn’t bad but I didn’t think it was necessary for every song.

I still find that the actual metalcore part still boring, if you take away the different vocals and synthesizers. I do like the vocals on the cd. The different screams are excellent, though the singing leaves something to be desired. Track 5, “Altered Beast” is by far my favorite track. It combines faster paced hardcore with metalcore. They even throw gang vocals in there. If the whole cd had this combination it would have a way better score.

Score: 6 out of 10

Good points: -Track 5 is pretty cool
-They experiment with their music
-Screaming vocals were very good

Bad points: -Singing vocals weren’t very good
– No real Christian message
-some parts are just plain boring

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