Album Review :
Lybecker - Until We Feel Alive

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Band: Lybecker

Title: Until We Feel Alive

Label: N/A

Release Date: Dec. 4, 2009

Review By: Scott L


  1. Intro
  2. Until We Feel Alive
  3. For Who You Are
  4. Don’t Shoot Me
  5. Go Around
  6. New Life
  7. Better
  8. Holding Out
  9. Fade Away
  10. Like You Do
  11. Let Go

I’m always leery when I get an e-mail from another reviewer asking if I’d be interested in reviewing a band. Usually that means that someone’s trying to pawn off a CD that they think sucks. So when I got a message from Steve, I thought that in spite of his newness to the site, he was attempting to sell me a real clunker. Not so. I’m pleased to admit that Lybecker is a gem that I’m glad Steve sent my way. So glad in fact that I felt obligated to pay him back in-kind with an up-and-coming hardcore band that had just contacted me, Memphis My Fire. Proof positive that sometimes people, even music critics, can act with genuine sincerity. Anytime, Steve.

Alright, enough prattling on about the source of my latest review… and on to the review itself. Lybecker is a 3-piece out of Seattle, Washington that offers up a fanciful blend of smooth alt-rock. Think Tokio Hotel, Paper Route, and The Afters. For starters anyway. They mix it up here and there, but tend to stick with simple, catchy tunes that feature straight forward instrumentation and passionate vocals. The sound is well-polished and very professional. There’s no reason that these guys shouldn’t be getting some serious radio play. Particularly with songs like “For Who You Are”, which is equal parts ear friendly and ultra catchy… and features a borrowed Building 429 riff to round it out.

Lyrically, Lybecker is upfront in a somewhat subdued way. It’s obvious who and what they’re singing about, but don’t expect them to actually name names. The messages are typically encouraging and up beat. Consider the song “New Life” which says, “you give hope to the broken / a heart to the hopeless / ‘cause everything inside of you wants to breath new life / you bring love to the fallen / a home to the orphan / ‘cause everything inside of you wants to breath new life / breath it in me now (x4) / you bring strength to the weary / peace to the mourning / ‘cause everything inside of you wants to breath new life”. Or maybe the slightly more whimsical but no less pointed “Fade Away” which says, “staying up late playing video games / calling all your friends just to waste the day away / when life is good / yeah, life is good / being rock stars on the TV screen / maybe some day I’ll be ion a magazine / and I miss you / yeah, I miss you / don’t let it fade / sitting in the bar playing the guitar / walking hand in hand with the girl who stole your heart / and I miss you / yeah, I miss you”.

The standout track for me was “Better”. I thought that they just let loose a bit more on this song and had fun with it. But truth be told, there wasn’t much of a downside to any of the songs on this CD. It really is a great release.

Overall: Lybecker has a great sound and shows a lot of maturity. Everything is professional quality and really does a great job of showcasing these guys’ talent. This is a great find and a band to be on the lookout for. I’m no prophet, but I can see good things coming their way.