Album Review :
Luke Parker - Home EP

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Artist: Luke Parker

Album: Home EP

Label: White Cloud

Release Date: February 21, 2011

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. Home
  2. Sweet Surrender
  3. In Quietness
  4. Chase the World
  5. Selah
  6. My Soul Lays Bare

Luke Parker is an independent worship artist from New Zealand, though you may know him better as the guy who wrote several songs on the Parachute Band’s latest release. One of those songs is “Sweet Surrender,” which Luke sings as his own on his Home EP. The music is very mellow and simple, with a gentle acoustic guitar and soft vocals throughout. There is something intimate in the delicacy of these songs. Despite the personal and emotional character of many tracks, it is as if Luke is trying to keep himself out, allowing the listener to speak directly to God in worship without the singer getting in the way. Subtle piano, strings, cymbals, backing vocals, and other sounds bring a sense of fullness to the songs without ever losing the openness and simplicity. Lyrically, these worship songs focus on being in love with Jesus and finding our identity in him, giving ourselves up to grasp true freedom in living for Jesus. While it can lean towards the romantic, in the end it finds a good balance between Jesus as Lover and Jesus as Lord.

Overall: Luke Parker’s Home EP is perfect for being still before God and quietly affirming God’s place in your life. It stands on its own as relaxing acoustic music, but it is even better as a way to be focused on Jesus when these sensitive songs play.