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Ledger - Ledger EP

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Label: Atlantic/Hear It Loud
Release Date: April 13, 2018


  1. Not Dead Yet
  2. Warrior (feat John Cooper)
  3. Bold
  4. Foreigner
  5. Ruins
  6. Iconic

When it was announced that Jen Ledger would be releasing her debut solo ep, it filled many with a sense of excitement, rivaled only by an insatiable curiosity as to what we could expect from it. Would it be hard rock, similar in nature to her band Skillet? Pop? Electronic? Rock? The answer is yes…yes, it is.
The Ledger EP, which drops this Friday, is a fairly diverse offering that has a little something for everyone. A common thread throughout the EP, is a distorted synth type sound, though there’s keys and drums that compliment it in all the right places. Add to that the killer vocals Jen is known for and you’re in for a pretty enjoyable EP.
The EP opens with the track, “I’m Not Dead Yet”, an upbeat song with an anthemic, driving rock feel that declares a refusal to give up or give in despite tough circumstances and to fight on. Very reminiscent to me of the Psalms where David would look on his circumstances and see his enemies gloating that he was defeated, yet he placed his faith in God and refused to give up, fighting on to victory.
“Warrior” follows, and continues with a strong rock vibe and a guest vocal spot by John Cooper of Skillet. The theme of the EP continues here with a chorus that defies anyone or anything that would come against you; “Never give up, never back down, I will die before I bow”.
“Bold” slows things down and is reminiscent of slower Skillet tracks such as Lions or even Stars. The song confronts fear from the position of knowing that God has our back and lets the listener know that it’s because of Him we can have that boldness.
The next track is a real electronic/pop number called “Foreigner” and is probably, in my opinion, the weakest track on the Ledger EP. It could simply be that it’s a bit too electronic for my taste, perhaps the lack of a real drum kit accompanying, but I really feel like the rest of the EP fits her better. Maybe it’ll grow on me in time.
The softest song on the album, “Ruins” is a beautiful piano based song about being broken before God. Very nicely arranged melodies and it builds as the song progresses, but never so much as to ruin this beautiful moment on the EP; the build is just right for the song.
The album is closed out with a real upbeat electronic track, “Iconic”. It’s not meant in a negative sense, but I have to say, I can almost hear the remix from here. It’s definitely got a strong dance feel to it and I have a feeling that this song is really going to have an incredible energy to it live.
The Ledger EP is a great solo debut from Jen Ledger and really delivers. She’s found a sound that really works for her and is sure to stand out in a music scene where that’s becoming harder and harder to accomplish. If you’re looking for something new to listen to that is sure to get and keep your attention listen after listen, pick up the Ledger EP when it drops this Friday.

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