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LaVoy - Said The Quiet Hands

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Band: LaVoy
Title: Said The Quiet Hands
Label: N/A
Release Date: 2008
Review By: Scott L


01. Bootstraps, Bootstraps
02. Asleep
03. Sailor & The Monster
04. It’s Hard Off Roading In These Penny Loafers
05. Armadillo Tooth Party
06. The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways

For those folks that believe that Alaska is a bitterly cold, frozen wasteland where everyone lives in igloos and rides to work on a dogsled, think again. Alaska is a state like any other state. Aside from the fact that it’s way, way bigger than any other state… sorry Texas. And even though Alaska is known as the last frontier, that doesn’t mean it’s somehow behind the times. Like any other state, Alaska has a thriving music scene. And since I happen to live here, I’ve decided that every once in a while I’m gonna give IVM readers a taste of that music scene and cover a bit of local talent.

So, first up… LaVoy. LaVoy is a 4-piece out of Wasilla, Alaska. They play a groovy alt-rock with a penchant for catchy rhythms and captivating lyrics.

Packaging and production are both very good. It would have been nice to get lyrics with the CD, but I also certainly understand what it means to work within a budget. And the decisions made definitely put priority in the right places. “Said The Quiet Hands” is a 6-song EP that’s quality showcases all the right elements at all the right moments. From the mellifluous vocal delivery to the well-paced and appropriately edgy guitars. From the heavy bass to the jazz-influenced drums. And through it all flows a stream of ethereal keys that at times gathers into pools and then slowly recedes back into the mix again.

Style-wise, LaVoy isn’t easy to pigeon-hole. Coming off at times like Brighten’s edgier side… while at other times sounding more subdued; think Evoka. Alt-rock that’s not afraid to lay down the funk from time to time. The song “Sailor & The Monster” even brings a bit of a Poor Old Lu vibe. LaVoy could easily hold it’s own sharing a bill with big-label bands.

Lyrically, there’s a smattering of spiritual undertone, but for the most part it’s kept pretty focused on life and love with a metaphorical bent. The songs are cerebral yet still very meaningful and accessible. Consider “The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways” which closes out the EP, “we could rebuild this if we really wanted / we could clean up the mess we’ve made / my tongue is a murderer on the loose / darling, I’m sure to offend you / my tongue is a murderer on the loose / darling, I’m sure to offend you / with the stories I’ve been telling you / with the way my body’s selling you”.

Standout track was “Asleep” which is carried along by a huge bass line and some rapid-fire vocals.

Overall: A great release by LaVoy and one that you really should take the time to check out. And, hey, is it even humanly possible not to dig a band that names a song “Armadillo Tooth Party”? I dare say, it is not. So… dig away.