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Jesse Sprinkle - Surrounded By Lights

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Artist: Jesse Sprinkle –
Album: Surrounded By Lights
Label: Blind Records

Reviewed by: Tyler Hess

I’m an idiot.

You all knew this, but sometimes I forget, because I’m an idiot.

I also forgot that I promised to tell you all about someone you probably kind of sort of know about anyway, one way or another, even if you didn’t know it. His resume is legit. Spending years behind the drum kits of bands like Poor Old Lu, Dead Poetic and Demon Hunter, Jesse Sprinkle has also now come out with a couple solo records, the latest being “Surrounded By Lights”. Oh, and you have probably heard of his brother, too, Aaron, the guy who produces a heckuva lot of our favorite records around these parts. Let me be clear, if you were a hiring manager, you look at what someone has done and who they know. If Jesse Sprinkle was being interviewed by you for a job, you’d hire him on the spot.

Apparently, someone else already hired him, however, at least in the form of a record contract. That is why I’m talking about him to you today, because he has recently come out with a pretty darn good acoustic record, with a pretty laid back approach similar to what we’ve seen recently with bands like Ruth and Corey Crowder, except perhaps without the glossy production. With thoughtful lyrics and an intricate arrangement of melodies that start off well and grow over time, Jesse not only has the resume, but he has the product to back it up.

Favorite Tracks: Looking For the Ordinary, An Angel For Calloway

Track List:

1. Where Diamonds Grow

2. Longing for the Ordinary

3. This Game of God

4. Better Places

5. Between the Ice and Earth,

6. The Long Way Home

7. Under and Daunting

8. Lights of June

9. Wait or Want

10. Steel Buildings and Caskets

11. An Angel for Calloway

12. The Legend of Saint Agnes


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