Album Review :
Jerome Madigan - Instructions For Deconstruction

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Artist: Jerome Madigan
Album: Instructions for Deconstruction
Reviewer: Tyler Hess

A few years ago a funny thing happened: ska died.  I know, I know, some of you loved ska, its okay for you to be wrong, that really isn’t what I’m getting at here.  When ska disappeared from the scene, ska band members still had their instruments and still wanted to make music that people appreciated.  Some went on to other ventures, like how some OC Supertones went onto help form Demon Hunter, Five Iron Frenzy’s end led to Brave Saint Saturn and now apparently the former vocalist for indie ska band Nifty Tom Fifty has gone up to Nor Cal, become a worship pastor and come out with an appetizing worship album.

Jerome Madigan’s solo offering has a nice blend of songs that I’m vaguely familiar with and stuff that is in the very least new to me.  To tell you the truth, most of the worship songs I hear are what I hear at church as I easily get bored with the contemporary style that most worship albums are laced with.  I think a lot of us around here have that problem, that is why we are here at IVM, because we want a little more creativity (or just more rockin’) in our worship.  Madigan isn’t really offering anything that out of the box, but it is clean, mostly at a fast enough tempo to stay awake for and comforting music that can get our minds on the Lord.  I know I personally need more of this music in my life, stuff that is straight to the point of worshipping Christ and if you are like me and need a bit more and want to support an indie artist then this isn’t a bad pickup.

Song To Start With: Breathe
Score: 7/10
Track List:
1. King of Glory
2. No One Higher
3. Surrounded
4. You Are Great
5. Sunshine
6. Surrender
7. Immerse
8. The Sound of Freedom
9. Holy are you Lord
10. Breathe
11. hidden?