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Jason Gray - A Way to See in the Dark

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Artist: Jason Gray

Album: A Way to See in the Dark

Label: Centricity Music

Release Date: September 13, 2011

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. Remind Me Who I Am
  2. The End of Me
  3. No Thief like Fear
  4. Good to Be Alive
  5. The Sound of Our Breathing
  6. Without Running Away
  7. Fear Is Easy, Love Is Hard
  8. Nothing Is Wasted
  9. A Way to See in the Dark
  10. The Other Side
  11. I Will Find a Way
  12. Jesus We Are Grateful

It’s funny how life circumstances can change a person’s taste in music. It took less than a month of working a blue collar job to get me to like Boston and Guns N Roses, and after three years in North Philly I finally began to appreciate hip hop again. Now that I’m a college graduate and a married man, working a full time job to pay real bills, a guy like Jason Gray really hits home. I’m only 22 and still call Emery my favorite band, but something about this record really speaks to where I’m at in life, struggling with major changes and trying to find God in the middle of my daily grind.

From the very first song, “Remind Me Who I Am,” I was ready to call up certain friends and recommend A Way to See in the Dark. Jason is a solid songwriter, pulling mostly from the “adult contemporary” genre without ever falling into the cheesiness that is the downfall of plenty of soft rock bands. While he’s got a good voice backed up by good music, the lyrics are what make this release shine. That opener speaks of forgetting our true identity found in Christ and being brought back to life by a personal encounter with God.

Later, in “The Sound of Our Breathing,” Gray sings out “We speak the Name as long as we are breathing.” Here he’s referring to the Name of God given to Moses at the burning bush. According to Hebrew tradition, the letters of this name are spelled out as we inhale and exhale, emphasizing that God is always with us as our very life source whether we acknowledge it or not. Gray pairs this illustration with a line from Acts 17, which says “In Him we live and move and have our being.” When I’m burnt out and feeling distant, meditating on this mystical connection to the Creator can comfort and revive my spirit.

While there is not a bad song on this album, the last track I want to highlight is “I Will Find a Way.” Speaking from God’s perspective, this gentle song aches with love, searching out and longing for intimacy with humanity. I won’t give it all away, but the ending is beautiful and very powerful.

Overall: A Way to See in the Dark speaks directly to where the American church is at right now, reviving ancient insights to guide our faith into the future. Each song is delicately crafted with solid vocals, engaging music, and thoughtful lyrics. It’s people like Jason Gray who will keep Christian rock moving forward, continuing as a meaningful aspect of the life of the church today.

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