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I Am Alpha And Omega - The War I Wage EP

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Band: I Am Alpha And Omega
Title: The War I Wage EP
Label: Come & Live!
Release Date: May 7, 2009
Review By: Scott L


01. The War I Wage
02. And The Demons Will Sleep
03. And The Stars Will Bleed Your Name

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].” Ephesians 6:12

I Am Alpha And Omega is a 5-piece hybrid hardcore band out of Milford, New Jersey. Their new three song EP, appropriately titled “The War I Wage EP”, is a teaser for the full-length CD release that’s in the works for later this year. As the EP’s name implies, the songs found on this CD could rightly be considered spiritual warfare anthems. Songs to face off against Hell by. That’s my kind of song. Something that stirs the spirit and encourages the soul. Scripture describes God as a warrior that stirs His zeal… this is kinda like that… but for the saint. Sadly, spiritual warfare is a bygone notion to much of the church world today. Far too archaic for our modern enlightenment.

Enter I Am Alpha And Omega. Playing an aggressive style of scream-core, if you will, they unashamedly put out the call to stand and fight the rising tides of spiritual evil confronting us. Think Haste The Day meets Project 86, but with some true spiritual depth to their message. The EP starts out with an almost industrial sound before quickly settling into some more upfront rock.

Vocals are a mix of clean power and rough growls. Many times slipping into a more punk-ish hardcore delivery. The guitars churn and grind in nice stop-and-go cadence. The bass pounds out of the speakers and the drums… oh, the drums. Somebody buy this guy a titanium foot pedal. He wails through the songs with a savage ferocity. Add to this an electronic vibe and some well-tailored keys and you have a surprisingly diverse feel to the music. And given the fact that I’m using the word ‘diverse’ while talking about a three song EP, that’s saying something.

Lyrically, I Am Alpha And Omega doesn’t pull any punches. You better want it if you’re gonna tune in to this stuff, because you’ll get it. Full on. The gospel served up on a battered metal platter. Check out “And The Stars Will Bleed Your Name” which ends the CD with the worship that spiritual victory births in the human heart… “It’s so cold and dark, and hell’s come to taketh away / So stand your ground, and start to pray / You are the One / You came and un-crowned King / You came for me / A Father for His family / You are the One / You’re over-whelming me / I bow my King / We are the, the Chosen Ones”

Standout track was “And The Demons Will Sleep”. All three songs were intensely good… but this one just burns a little brighter for me.

Here’s some extra insight from the band’s MySpace page: “I Am Alpha And Omega is a band of Christian brothers God has called to serve in any way possible, not just play music. I Am Alpha And Omega, formed in 2005, through prayer, realized a calling on the band from God to become a full-time, touring ministry. Each and every show is viewed as a blessing from above and an opportunity to serve and share the true love of Jesus Christ.”

Overall: I Am Alpha And Omega has put out a powerful EP that accomplishes it’s purpose of building momentum for the forthcoming full-length release. So far, so good for Come & Live! Another quality release that’s right on target.