Album Review :
Horizons Fall - Love Is Key

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Band: Horizons Fall
Title: Love Is Key
Label: N/A
Release Date: 2009
Review By: Scott L


01. Never Trust A Carney On The Midway
02. Love Leads Us On
03. Without You
04. Broken Man
05. Love Is Key

Horizons Fall is a 4-piece out of Sarasota, Florida that has recently put out a 5-song EP entitled “Love Is Key”. Notice it’s not ‘a key’. Or even ‘the key’. Because love is truly so much more important than that. Love is key. In everything. Without it we can do nothing. It covers a multitude of sin. And by it people will know that we follow Christ. Love is so strongly tied to God’s character that the Bible tells us that God is love. Love is key.

This is the driving message of Horizons Fall. That’s not to say that every song is all syrupy sweet. There are songs about cutting and suicide, about broken relationships and living empty meaningless lives. But through them all, the listener is pointed to the love of God. Coming in with a modern rock sound that’s akin to Bulletproof Messenger, Manic Drive, or Burn Season… Horizons Fall brings the rock. Gravelly vocals, distorted guitars, and a thumping low end. All fine-tuned in a quality mix.

The lyrics are also a strong point on “Love Is Key”. There’s really no way to get your signals crossed. “Broken Man” pleads, “I am a dead man walking through quicksand / no solid ground in place for feet to land / I’m sinking faster my life’s a disaster / praying for someone to take my hand / someone to take my hand / and all I’m asking is / save me / replace me / I’m just a broken man / take me / embrace me / make me whole again”. While the title track, “Love Is Key”, says, “there’s a void that’s deep within / like something’s missing / no matter how hard I try / I can’t replace it / I keep searching all my life for that one thing / to break apart my insides and change me / love is the answer / love is key / love is the reason for everything / love brings hope / it’s all we need / love is the answer for everything”.

“Broken Man” was the standout track. Hands down. The song just flat rocked and the heavy groove was captivating. Add to that a heartfelt message of reconciliation and that’s mighty easy on the ears.

Overall: Horizons Fall is modern rock with a side order of spirituality. Big vocals. Big guitars. Big message. Big mistake not to check these guys out.