Album Review :
HB - Frozen Inside

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Band: HB
Title: Frozen Inside
Label: Bullroser Records
Release Date: 2008
Reviewer: JoshIVM


  1. Intro (Holy One)
  2. God Has All Glory
  3. It Is Time
  4. Be Aware
  5. Holy Secret
  6. Frozen Inside
  7. Years Go By
  8. Ambition
  9. Way
  10. Lovesong

HB is a female fronted symphonic/power metal band from Finland. Frozen Inside is a re-release of their previous Finnish release, but it has been translated and remastered for an English release. The band has been together for quite awhile now and you can hear that in the quality of the songs. Obviously, any female fronted band with this sound is going to be compared to Nightwish and it is a fitting comparison, however I think fans of bands power metal in general and other female fronted rock bands like Fireflight, might get into these guys.

The album begins with an intro which features Johanna singing acapella. The song sounds almost like a mother singing to her child at first but then you’ll quickly realize it’s a praise & worship song. It shows off her soothing vocals before the music kicks in behind her. When track 2 begins the music quietly grows until the thunderous drums and then the driving guitars blast in. “It Is Time” has a nu-metal vibe at first with strings giving in a more melodic feel. This song is definitely single material, with it’s bouncy rhythm  and big chorus. The title track shows Johanna singing in a more forceful, deeper voice and it was a welcomed change. “Ambition” is the fastest track on the album and once again it features Johanna’s lower vocals. The song has a more driving feel to it and as the majority of the tracks features an epic chorus. This one also has an short, but enjoyable guitar solo in it, which I’d like to hear more of in future material.

If you like your lyrics very God-focused then you will like HB. Almost all of the tracks, if not all, are related to ones relationship with Christ. I’m sure you can find them online somewhere.

Overall: I liked this CD and am intrigued to hear newer material from the band. If you’re into power metal give them a try. They’re not masters of their field but they provide a good album. I hope in the next effort they speed things up a bit, but even if they don’t I will know that it’ll be a good listen.