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Goodnight Caulfield - The Masquerade

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Artist: Goodnight Caulfield

Album: The Masquerade

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

This album reminds me of why we’re in the business. As much as I love bands that everyone else and their mama know about that tour around the world and are loved by millions, there is always that local scene (which through the internet isn’t totally local) where indie bands perform in their area as they grow a local fan base and expand. Through sites like this we help bands like Goodnight Caulfield get the word out about their music and get them attention from labels and such (hopefully). Maybe the songs aren’t perfect, maybe the production isn’t all there, but there are songs and albums out there that maybe none of your friends know about, but you wouldn’t give them up for the world.

Goodnight Caulfield, whom you may recognize from our latest compilation, “A Very Indie Christmas”, resides and plays just south of me in San Diego. Between S. D. and Los Angeles and even the Bay area up north, California has a ton of Christian artists making the circuits, but how many people know that? Not enough.

So, now that I’ve talked about everything but the music, Goodnight Caulfield has come out with a surprisingly good album, though I think they might have benefited more from cutting this twelve track album down to a five song ep, they must have wanted to get all their songs out to their fans. There are several very good pop rock songs on this album that are memorable without being annoying. However, for every song that sticks out, there is another song that can be glazed over. There aren’t any bad songs that I wish would just die, but there are several that are too easy to ignore, hence the suggestion that this be cut down and shipped out, but my advice is never asked for, is it?

Lyrically, I’m impressed with how many different subjects they are willing to approach. Nothing seems to be off topic, as they attack thoughts of faith, unbelief, sin and temptation and more, with well constructed choruses.

Best Tracks: C.S. Why, The Prowl, You Don’t Love Me Anymore

Score: 8/10

Track List:

  1. All You’ve Got
  2. C. S. Why
  3. The Prowl
  4. Blue Room
  5. The Departure
  6. Goin Nowhere Fast
  7. You Don’t Love Me Anymore
  8. Hearts
  9. Far From Fiction
  10. Angel In Disguise
  11. Without A Sound
  12. Sleepwalk

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