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Glen Galaxy - Thank You

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Artist: Glen Galaxy

Album: Glen Galaxy Says “Thank You!”

Label: Great Comfort Records

Release Date: March 8, 2011

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. Waters of Life
  2. Great Is the Lord
  3. Glory in You
  4. Mighty Rushing Wind
  5. Knowledge of the Lord
  6. Holy
  7. All Authority
  8. Day Spring
  9. Baptize
  10. Heart
  11. In the Stillness

Many of you already know Glen Galaxy from his avant-garde hip hop project, Soul Junk, where he’s being doing to rap music what Danielson has done to folk since the mid-90s. In recent years, he’s turned towards a focus on praising God. In 2007 he set the first 23 Psalms to music, and in 2009 he transformed the lengthy Psalm 119 into an entire album (both were done verbatim from the NKJV). Turning now to his own original expression of praise, Glen has dropped the Soul Junk moniker to do a “solo” praise album. Produced by Danielson’s Dan Smith and released on his worship label, Thank You takes seriously the call to make a “joyful noise” to the Lord.

At times it is funky enough to dance like King David, and at other times it is cluttered and atonal, clearly more concerned with pleasing God than other people. While this is no longer hip hop, Glen’s brand of indie rock and lo-fi folk jams is lead by a voice more familiar with rapping than singing, and he ends up doing a strange blend of both at once. Hidden beneath echoing guitars, dozens of effects pedals, quirky vocals, and other unusual instrumentation, many of the lyrics, melodies, and song structures actually remind me of the old praise choruses many of us sang in youth group from the 1980s to today. It is very poetic and uplifting, filled with biblical imagery focusing on the good things God does.

Overall: While these songs may need some smoothing out if you want to use them to lead a congregation in worship, they are a beautiful and intimate glimpse of one man praising before the throne of God. Yet as personal as the experience may be for Glen, the lyrics are very universal, often taken straight from Scripture, so that anyone can easily enter into that same experience so long as they are able to enjoy his unique and experimental musical style.