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Garden - Golden Sails

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Artist: Garden
Album: Golden Sails
Label: n/a
Review by: Stephen M

  1. I. Solee Solay: The Song of Slaves
  2. II. Solay Solee: The Song of the Free
  3. Interlude/Massah: The Unleavened Rain
  4. III. The Subtle Swell: As Jesus Wept
  5. IV. The Anchor Bell: We Slept
  6. V. Meribah: …and the Limestone Nile
  7. Sinai

Garden is an experimental indie/shoegaze band from Cedarville, OH. When I first heard Garden’s music I wasn’t sure what to think.  As I listened to them more and more, they grew on me. They are definitely a different sounding band and throughout this EP titled Golden Sails you will be mesmerized by the flow of the instrumentals and the different sounds created by Garden. One thing they do very well throughout this CD is building up each song to an epic climax.

Golden Sails is a fictional side-narrative to the Exodus of the Israelites from captivity. The music flows from one track to another similar to a concept album. This concept was a freshening view from history that happened thousands of years ago and for me this made the listening experience even more enjoyable.
I would love to see these guys live because it would be a once in a lifetime kind of experience with all the different sounds created on stage and watching them being performed – sounding different than anything I have ever heard before. The only complaint I have with this EP is that it felt like it was too short. Being just under 25 minutes (which is about normal for an EP) I felt like It could have been longer. That being said, this EP isn’t cut short at all. There is a tremendous amount of talent with the solos, vocals, instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics. If you are into experimental indie grunge music and are looking for a new type of listening experience check out Garden.


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