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Future of Forestry "Twilight"

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Band: Future of Forestry
Title: Twilight
Label: Credential Recordings
Review by: Brandon Jones

1. Open Wide
2. All I Want
3. Twilight
4. Speak to Me Gently
5. Thinking of You
6. Sunrising
7. Sacred Place
8. You and I
9. Sanctitatis
10. If You Find Her
11. Gazing
12. Stay Beside Me

I’ll try to keep this review short and sweet. I have been fond of this release ever since I picked it up at my P.O. Box and placed it in my car stereo. This San Diego, CA. band has enough talent to match any career artist out there and they carry it through with conviction. This is a band that it isn’t afraid to wear their heart and faith on their sleeve. This is a band that are adept musicians and ones that can clearly play their instruments with ease. The album invites you into a distinct soundscape and surronds you in a wall of sound that brings about the sweetest of dreams. This is the kind of music you kick back to alone in your room or on a drive through rain soaked highways. Music that speaks to you in the night and music that enlightens any ill mood you may have. The standout tracks in my opinion would have to be “Twilight” and “Speak to Me Gently”. Those are definitely my favorites on the entire record and I could listen to them endlessly for hours. Though this album did not come to me with lyrics, it’s easy to make out the words because this vocalist is clearly audible. (Gee what a concept, a singer who can SING!). These are hope filled songs that are both faith affirming and uplifting. This isn’t your typical Christian market “Jesus Per Minute”(JPM for short) goo but rather hopeful music that shares a love of God in a casual manner without the strings attached. Future of Forestry doesn’t seek to create trite music and clearly they succeed in being original. I’d go as far as saying that these gentleman are the next coming of U2. Yeah those are mighty big words but if you listen to this album you’ll know exactly what I mean. This is thinking man’s music.

I could do a play by play of each track but I’d rather not, because every song is a gem in my opinion and there is no further need to type out nonsense to justify you spending your hard earned cash on this. What I am saying is this, every last bit of change you have, must be invested into this album. This album comes at my highest recommendation…….Why are still reading this? Go out and buy it now!!

For the fan of: U2, Keane, Switchfoot, Coldplay

Score: 10/10
Replay Value: Dude, I have this on repeat

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