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Future Ghosts - Oh Great City EP

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Artist: Future Ghosts

Album: Oh, Great City EP

Label: None

Release Date: February 13, 2011

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. Spotless
  2. Grace
  3. Lock the Light In
  4. Distiller
  5. It Was the Pilot

Future Ghosts is a four-piece alternative/modern rock band out of Greensboro, NC. Their new Oh Great City EP is full of crunching guitars and tight vocals, reminiscent of the dark, melodic sounds that reigned our scene circa 2005. There are heavy doses of Stavesacre, Crash Rickshaw, and Head Automatica, with hints of Beloved and Fall Out Boy (back when they were still cool). A piano is thrown into the mix for the poppiest track, “Lock the Light In,” though it is certainly still rocking. The vocals are on the deeper side, sometimes moving into a shout, setting Future Ghosts apart from the higher voices that tend to be popular in this type of music. The lyrics are more poetic than straightforward, so that the careful listener will have to do some thinking to figure out the meanings to any of the songs.

Overall: What really keeps my attention on this EP is the guitar work. The drumming and vocals are both well done, and they definitely enhance the songs, but it is the creativity of the guitars that makes this EP what it is. If you’re a fan of some serious alt-rock that is on the heavier side (or a fan of any of the bands listed above), give a listen to the big choruses and powerful music of Future Ghosts.