Album Review :
For Today - Breaker

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Band: For Today
Title: Breaker
Label: Facedown Records
Release Date: August 31, 2010
Review By: Steve
Track Listing:
1. The Breaker’s Origin
2. Devastator
3. The Advocate
4. The Breaker’s Valley
5. Seraphim
6. Arm The Masses
7. White Flag
8. The Breaker’s Encounter
9. Phoenix
10. Psalm Of The Son
11. King
12. The Breaker’s Commission

So how do I start this review? Umm… I guess there is no way of beating around the bush so I will just come out and say it. This is not one of my favorite Facedown/Strike First albums this yea; however, that being said it is still a solid release. There we go I said it. So you can keep reading or skip to the comments and let me have it!

Before I get started writing about what I didn’t like about the album, I will say that I love For Today’s message and ministry, but I just didn’t feel like Breaker was as good as I was hoping that it would have been. The album starts off like it is going to be album of the year. For Today kicks it into overdrive with “Devastator” and “The Advocate.” Those two songs are some of the best I have heard all year but then that was kind of it. “Devastator” had my head a bobbin’ and then “The Advocate” got me off my couch, but when I was thinking my body was going to fill with metal rage I just kind of sat back down. A few of the songs kind of started out OK but something kind of turned me off. In several of the other tracks like “Phoenix,” I didn’t really care for the gang chants. I usually am a fan of gang chants but these just didn’t do it for me. Breaker also lacks a bit of technicality, and suffers from the all too common “every track sounds the same.” I found myself bored and distracted as well as wanting to listen to “Devastator” and “The Advocate” repeatedly. OK, I am done with what I didn’t like.

I want to end this review on a positive note. So some stuff I liked about the album: one thing that was actually pretty cool about the album were the numerous bass drops throughout the album. Your subwoofer will definitely enjoy this album. One of the coolest things about the album is on Breaker is the last track “The Breaker’s Commission.” Breaker has four spoken/interlude type tracks that are full of encouragement to the weary soul. However, the fourth spoken track starts with some encouragement and about halfway through a gospel choir softly starts singing and builds up to a beautiful chorus of, “He is Here, He was There, He Is King, He is Faithful” with For Today tearing it up behind them. Actually, if I had to be pinned down this would probably be my favorite track on the album. The arrangement of “The Breaker’s Commission” was top notch. For Today continues their in your face love for Christ battle cry that they are so famous for.

Overall: This album was solid but not really top notch like I was expecting. Despite my opinion of this album, I have a feeling that a lot of people will disagree with me. I do appreciate For Today’s unashamed love for Christ and their willingness to stand before the masses and spread His Name.