Album Review :
Everfound - Anticipation EP

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Band: Everfound
Title: Anticipation EP
Label: N/A
Release Date: January 11, 2009
Review By: Scott L


01. Bring Me Back
02. Let Me Out
03. Streetlights

Wow! Where have these guys been hiding?! Brimming with potential, Everfound is a piano-driven pop-rock band hailing from the state of Colorado that has put out a 3-track EP that is worth your time to check out. So worth your time, in fact, I’d say you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check them out. Trust me, they’re really that good. And what’s scary is that in spite of how much you’ll dig them on the first listen through… the music grows on you like a creeping ivy until there’s no escape. You’ll love it, and that’s that.

Everfound is comprised of four young men whose family immigrated from Russia as political refugees apparently due to religious and political persecution. I don’t know what else they packed for the trip, but they certainly remembered to bring their musical talent. Style-wise, Everfound could be considered a bit like My Favorite Highway, Deas Vail, Cartel, with a touch of Remedy Drive. Strangely enough, track two, “Let Me Out”, came across with almost a retro-Zepplin-ish feel in parts of it. Track one, “Bring Me Back”, however, was definitely the standout for me and could single-handedly push Everfound past the competition in a market that’s incredibly congested these days. It’s the song that sets the hook… and leaves you helpless to resist.

Everfound’s lyrics are deep, meaningful, and obviously born out of experience rather than late night brain storming over a latte. “Let Me Out” is a great example of this: “pockets full of stones / we are all afraid / living in glass homes / restless, weak, betrayed / let me out / I want to breath again.” Even at their young ages, life has taught them some hard lessons and left a lasting impression.

Ruslan, who plays keyboard and guitar and provides some of the backing vocals, filled me in on the band’s direction and thoughts as far as faith and music are concerned, “We believe that music which has the ability to move you has a spiritual backing or force in it. We believe that there are two sources of that spiritual backing which come from either God or Satan. We pray and seek God in our lives and music and invite Him and His Holy Spirit to be in our music so that it speaks to people and moves them toward their One and true creator. We pray that our songs challenge and encourage people’s faith. We believe that a lot of people in the United States today have fallen away from the Christian beliefs and principles that this country was founded on and we are praying that the Christians in this nation may awaken and begin praying and doing something to reach the lost instead of forming business establishments we call churches and pulling members from one church to another. We pray that God gives us wisdom, faith and discernment in this crucial time when the entire world is on the brink of major changes.”

Refreshing to say the least. In a market were God is only an afterthought much of the time, it’s nice to find someone that’s not afraid to speak from their heart and actually adopt Jesus’ vision as their own. God raise up more Christians with that type of zeal and passion.

I heard a saying one time. How much do you feed a horse if you want to get a full day’s work out of him? Just enough to let him know he’s hungry. The name of this EP says it all. Anticipation is exactly what these three songs generate. Thankfully, this EP is a preview of the full-length release that Everfound will be releasing this summer. And I for one, can hardly wait.

Overall: This EP, while short, is well worth a listen. Fans of smooth-as-silk pop that’s heavy on the piano get ready; I’ve just introduced you to one of your new favorite bands. And, yeah… you’re welcome.