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Enlow - The Recovery

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Band: Enlow
Album: The Recovery
Label: Blood and Ink Records
Reviewer: Cory

I was pretty excited that Enlow was making a comeback. I remember hearing about these guys alot three years ago when I started listening to hardcore. Then sortly they put their guitars on the rack, and I never got the chance to really check these guys out. So when I ran across a news blurb on Blood and Ink’s website about Enlow’s return I was glad I would have another chance to check these guys out.

That being said, I was slightly disappointed after listening to the cd. There are some good moments on the record and even the breakdowns are all pretty sweet. Some of the bass riffs are pretty cool like at the beginning of the song “Taking Chances”. But I haven’t heard anything that can set this band apart from the billions of other bands the play their style of music. Evergreen Terrace(atleast the old stuff), Acros Five Aprils, and Beloved(probably the best at what they play) have played this melodic style of hardcore better a thousand times before.

Now I’m not giving up hope on these guys yet. I’ve heard their live show is pretty insane. Maybe they can capture that on their next record. And hopefully they’ll crank out some tunes that will set a new standard. But one must think that having three years off and this is the best they could put out?

5(ish) out of 10

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