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Death Is Not Welcome Here - Revelations EP

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Artist: Death Is Not Welcome Here
Album: Revelations EP
Label: None

A song I heard off this band’s first release a little while ago gave me no reason to be interested in them. In fact, I sort of disliked the song. However, I decided to give this release an honest chance, and my mediocre expectations were vastly exceeded within ten seconds of hitting play.

“Beauty and the Beast” starts the album off hard with strong and melodic singing, clear drums, and a guitar riff that just might be stuck in your head for days. Towards the end of the song there’s a bit of a breakdown with a really cool riff and the line “standing on the promises of God” being screamed over and over. Next comes “We Are on Fire,” which talks about a need for movement and passion in the church before it’s too late. It also talks about how Creation itself is proof of the Creator, with a chorus that proclaims “even the stars cannot compare to our God.” “Flirting with the World Was My Greatest Mistake” cries out to God asking for strength and grace after failing a thousand times. The last track on this EP is potentially very emotional. The opening vocals are my favorite on the disc, and the instruments backing it up aren’t exactly lacking in the entertainment department either. However, this song does much more than entertain. It again reminds the listener that “This Life Won’t Last,” but at the same time offers hope through Jesus Christ.

Purevolume and Myspace call them post-hardcore, but if I was allowed, I would actually call them post-metal. The guitars have enough of that feel to them that it’s really surprising to think about it right now and realize there wasn’t one guitar solo. But while the music on this EP is top quality for a second independent release, that is certainly not the focus behind Death Is Not Welcome Here. This British four-piece makes it quite clear their main focus is on God. They are Christians and want to make sure you know they’re not ashamed of it. Occasionally I thought they were pushing it a little too much for the sake of pushing it, but overall there is a good message without being cheesy. DINWH has plenty of potential to grow into an extremely talented band, and if any of you get a chance to catch them on their upcoming US tour, I’d definitely give it a try.

Score: 7/10
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