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Death is Not Welcome Here - Death Is Not Welcome Here EP

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Artist: Death is Not Welcome Here

Album: Death is Not Welcome Here EP

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

It isn’t very often that I am introduced to a band with the thoughts “hey check these guys out, they basically just broke up”, so it is with a different attitude that I consider this 5 song EP. Sure, the music is the same either way you hear it, but what follows is going to be different. There is no looking forward to the future of the band, wondering what direction they are going. At best, this would be an “oh, bummer, I missed out on this band” moment, at worst it is an “I guess I wasn’t missing anything anyway” passing glance in time. This meets somewhere in the middle, closer to the latter than the former.

Hailing from Birmingham, England (not Alabama, from what I can tell) these alt-rockers leave their fans with something to remember them by, although for me it really isn’t something all that memorable. It seems like this sound has really been overdone. It isn’t so much that it is terrible music, there just isn’t anything that special to catch my attention. The songs are uplifting and a nice listen, but not terribly catchy in lyrics, vocals or instrumentation. If their fans are bummed about their departure, I would suggest to them similar bands to follow like Kiros or Amen.The Animal. Sure, you’d have to move to Canada from the UK, but maybe you like snow.

Song to start with: Singout Singloud

Score: 6/10

Track List:

1. The Ransom

2. Singout Singloud

3. Closer Than You Think

4. Fragile Heart

5. Sharks