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Cruentis - Alpha and Omega

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Label: Nosral Recordings
Release Date: April 27th, 2018


  1. Unbroken 7:01
  2. Reclaimed 5:03
  3. Alpha & Omega 5:28
  4. All Hail Nothing 3:53
  5. Silence of the Sands 14:26

This 5-song EP contains 3 songs of melodic death metal (tracks 2-4) sandwiched in between 2 longer, unusual songs that genre-wise feature a hybrid of nu metal, doom metal and some classical instrumentation. Stylistically, the middle 3 tracks are similar to bands like Pantokrator, World to Ashes and similar melodeath bands (or In Flames and At the Gates from a mainstream perspective), but there is not a huge emphasis on the lead guitar. These are the strongest tracks with the most cohesive sound. The first and last tracks are more original, but ironically also weaker. The clean vocal approach mixed with an almost post-grunge/nu metal gruff vocal is distracting, though the slow riffs and long build-up is definitely interesting. The band have talent and a lot of potential but it seems to me their sound would be strengthened by honing in on a more singular focus.

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