Album Review :
Creations - Ruined EP

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Band: Creations

Title: Ruined EP

Label: Unsigned

Release Date: 2009

Review By: Steve

Track Listing:

  1. This Is Worship
  2. Chosen Generation
  3. Gaining Ground
  4. Four Our King
  5. Dead Man Walking
  6. Idols

I don’t know what it is with the hardcore/metal scene coming out of Australia and New Zealand now days, but they are pumping out some good stuff.  You have Saving Grace, Sienna Skies, Parkway Drive, I Killed The Prom Queen, and countless others.  I don’t know if Creations fits in there at the moment but they are definitely on the right track after their debut EP Ruined.

Creations is a hardcore band out of Sydney, Australia, and these guys can really bring it.  Creations explain that the meaning of the band name as, “…the gloomy day when humanity murdered Christ; when creator laid His life down for creation, paying the ultimate price for our salvation. The picture is vulgar and the message is offensive; repent and believe the Gospel.”  I have found that when bands write music with a message that the passion that ensues is almost tangible when it comes out of your speakers.

After a few listens to Ruined, I can say that they are FRIGGIN’ BRUTAL.  It took me a few spins to finally start digging it, but this is some good hardcore.  This album is nothing new to hardcore musically; however, that does not mean you should not check them out.  They represent the hardcore genre quite well.  One of the best things about this album is the almost complete lack of clean vocals.  I love that you do not get clean vocals until the last track.  I like clean vocals but a lot of hardcore now is over doing it and even abusing the autotune.  This is not the case with Creations.  Vocalist Michael Foss has some great deep throaty growls, and I will repeat a line from above and say these guys play FRIGGIN’ BRUTAL!

The best song on Ruined is “Dead Man Walking” because of the chaotic nature of the musical arrangement.  “Dead Man Walking” starts out fast but fools you a few times by slowing down only to speed up again.  At one point, it appears that the song is slowly fading out but only speeds up again.  Lyrically, this song shows off Michael Foss’ pipes because he mixes in the lower deeper growls and some higher pitched screams and there are a few more riffs in this song than the others.

Overall: there is not much to dislike about Ruined.  It may not be anything new to the genre but Creations represents hardcore well in their debut EP.  Creations would be good for any fans of Advent, Saving Grace, or any hard hitting hardcore.