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Chase Tremaine - Unfall

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Label: Independent
Release Date: January 24, 2020


  1. Matter
  2. Search for Myself
  3. Worth the Wait
  4. Programming the Soul
  5. Counsel (The Help I Get)
  6. Lonely Saints
  7. Humanizer
  8. Cave
  9. Honest Tree
  10. Unfallinlovewithable

To brush my bangs to the side, or not to, that is the question. For some, emo means The Jazz June, but for others, it means Hawthorne Heights … ad infinitum. While emo is a genre that is difficult to define, I would say that Chase Tremaine combines emo, indie, and pop—think Mae or Number One Gun. Unfall begins with “Matter,” which makes a good first impression with its wonderful guitar and a chorus that immediately gets stuck in your head. Throughout, Tremaine demonstrates his ability to structure songs, as made evident by “Humanizer” and “Unfallinlovewithable,” though I felt like certain tracks (e.g., “Lonely Saints”) could have been shortened. Lyrically, Unfall is a bit heterodox for emo, given the album’s theological substance. “Search for Myself” puts psychology on trial (“psychology seems helpful / but needing more is inevitable”), while “Counsel (The Help I Get)” ruminates over sin to the point where it’s clichĂ© (“life of sin used as bait / to bring others into the hate”). Despite some misgivings, Unfall is a solid debut from a proficient multi-instrumentalist, and I would recommend adding a few songs to your 2005 silver MySpace player.

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