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Chandelle - The Casualties of Casual

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Band: Chandelle
Title: The Casualties Of Casual
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. Hold On To Me
02. 14 And Lovely
03. Casualties Of Casual
04. Under Amberlight
05. The Call
06. When Sorry’s Not Enough
07. Manhattan
08. Amy’s House
09. Awkward And Beautiful
10. Black Book Letter
11. Lesson Learned
12. Summer’s Here


Jessica: Vocals/Guitars
Mandee: Bass, Vocals
Kevin: Drums

Standout Tracks:

“Awkward And Beautiful”, “Hold On To Me”, “Under Amberlight”

Overall Rating:

Chandelle is a trio who bring delicate, soft pop. Jessica and Kevin both played in the 90’s band Spooky Tuesday but have changed their style. They have a charming vocal approach over music that is kept simple. Soaring choruses are found in a few tracks and great hooks are certainly not lacking.

“Hold On To Me” begins soft with a steady drum beat. The chorus quickly shows the bands ability to bring up the volume and present a catchy chorus. “14 And Lovely” has a darker, haunting feel. About 1/3 of the way through the song really picks up into a forceful alt-rock, before once again mellowing out at the close. “When Sorry’s Not Enough” really shows of Jessica’s voice. From delicate and soft, to high and sweet, the yet again showing her forceful side, the track is one of the best. A tougher guitar can be found in song #8, “Amy’s House”. I really like the guitar’s rhythm throughout the verses. The chorus is sped up with the guitars driving it.

Chandelle’s ability to make creative, intelligent, and beautiful musical soundscapes is incredible! I didn’t know what to expect upon receiving this cd but was blown away. I do not understand how these guys are not in everyone’s stereo. But I highly recommend purchasing this cd and relaxing while listening to it.

Individual Ratings:

Lyrics: Many songs deal with relationships and are well written and engaging.

Marketability: A nice change from the normal emo/screamo stuff out there. Soothing and airy, this album just makes you want to sit and relax when listening to it.

Production: For an unsigned band I was surprised at the overall quality of production. A record label would be smart to sign these guys, repackage the album, and put it on shelves everywhere.

Vocals: Jessica’s voice has a good range and can change with the emotion she is conveying. The harmonization between the two ladies is breathtaking!

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